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BaoFeng the 2010 commendation congress concluded
      2011 February 16 is worth all the day, people baofeng memorial is worth developing history of load baofeng important one page. On this special day, we common ushered in baofeng of the 4th celebrations - namely 2010 commendation congress.
      Congress was held in the warm atmosphere, assembly consists of department minister YuLianFeng host, a few words of simple words and opened conference prelusive, all with whom the happy smile, ushered in the long-awaited moment. First finance minister DuBaoCheng made a speech. He spent a few words of concise discourse, with several groups of clear data, to those everybody did holding the 2010 performance completion status report. Words are short, but the meaning, it witnessed baofeng people 2010 hard work results. Each data are worth baofeng people proud, each data are the year work performance of baofeng affirmative.
      Following is our excellent employee WangHuiRong speech, he explains her passionate speech to the company’s, passion for your own responsibilities responsibility, She used high morale with clear instructions to all baofeng baofeng crackles with the dynamics of change, She proved herself with the action of effort. Under her leadership and baofeng caigang division marketing team, we overfulfilled sales work plan. In her words, we see the baofeng yesterday magnificence, witnessed our baofeng mechanism of success, more people that illustrates baofeng upwards, enterprising heart.
      Excellent employee’s experience is we baofeng valuable wealth, is that we can move on support, and our new employees join is our baofeng fresh blood into again, it is the source of new vigor glow. ChangHongBo with his plain words, brought he has just joined baofeng voice. If say we are the outstanding staff saw yesterday magnificence, then we saw in the new employee is we baofeng future.
      Baofeng success not only proved our staff efforts, more is our leadership of discomforts of day and night thinking brings achievement. Congress on, he had always with extremely simple words, to all of us, revealed next company assigned and made next year’s encouragement policy. In his manners between us see him for yesterday’s satisfaction, also see that he tomorrow full of confidence.
      In this slowly flowing joy notes, baofeng people enjoy this years of abundant fruit.
      However yesterday beauty is past, today’s sun has been rising in 2011, this New Year, we will be more confident baofeng man’s efforts, will be more ambitious. We also believe that we baofeng family when the heart firmly together, without what thing can baffled us, faith moves mountains, we are confident more market.let’s baofeng people not only can create the glorious yesterday, more can create the miracle of tomorrow


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Hebei baofeng light steel choi limited liability company employing principle

     Hebei baofeng company since June 2005 inception, always adhere to the people-oriented, respect talented persons, respect employees, not race horses principle of choose and employ persons, recruit and train a large number of enterprise development backbone strength, laid the foundation of enterprise development, safeguarding the enterprise in successive years continuously with geometrical forms develop by leaps and bounds.
    Hebei baofeng company has the original output value ten yuan small companies to today tens of thousands of yuan medium-sized company annual, all benefit from our continuous development of talent strategy. Holding the path of development in the future will as always insist, company’s employment concept, eager to society and each large and medium-sized institutions talents into baofeng embrace, grow together for common development.
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