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Hebei baofeng light steel choi limited liability company, with steel structure overall project design, production, sales and technical services for the company's development core industries. In the past two years I company successively for hebei enterprise's development, expansion, new city construction contributed his own strength.

Company partial classic engineering as follows£º
Hebei DE tao auto parts Co., LTD Beijing huiyuan (hebei hengshui) production base Hebei Mr Secco dedusting limited company of environmental protection Hebei cangzhou railway equipment Co., LTD
Hebei HengXin gauge Co., LTD Hebei sea group Co., LTD Hebei branch jia rubber Co., LTD Hebei rich xing synthetic leather Co., LTD
Shandong Qingdao glen DE auto parts Co., LTD Hebei f tyrone decorative city Hebei sea yue mining machinery Co., LTD Hebei tianrun textile Co., LTD
Hebei nova packaging machinery Co., LTD Hebei net of limited company of environmental protection Hebei qingxian county vibration hair industry park Hebei weida lubricating material Co., LTD
Hebei xinke environmental Co., LTD      


Beijing huiyuan cold stor
Shandong glen DE
Hebei nova packing machin
Hebei xinke environmental
Hebei weida
bei branch jia rubber
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