The distingish of H beam and I beam
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1. The side of I-beam is small, high, can only withstand the force in one direction.

2.The groove of H beam is deep, and thick, can withstand the force in both directions.

3.With the development of steel construction, and only I-beam does not work,either thicker I-beam, for load-bearing column easy to instabile.

4.I-beam can only be used for beams, and H can be used for load-bearing columns of steel structure.

5.H section steel is better in economy and mechanical properties than the I-beam section steel, the shape of its section is same as the letter "H". The flange of hot-rolled H-beam is better in lateral stiffness, bending ability and wider. Under the same specifications H beam is lighter than the I-beam

6. I-beam flange is tapered by the Ministry of thick webs, the external thin; H-beam flange is uniform

7. HW HM HN H is a generic term for H beam, H beam is welded; HW HM HN is hot roll
8. HW is the H beam that the height and the width of the flange is equal; mainly used for steel core column of reinforced concrete frame structure, also known as King of the steel columns; mainly used as column in the steel structure.

9HN is the H beam that the ratio of height and flange width is greater than or equal to 2;mainly used for beam; usage equel to I beam.




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