The distingish of H beam and I Beam
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1.The beam of either light or common type, because of section size are relatively high, narrow, so the cross section moment of inertia of the two main sleeve have a large difference , therefore, generally only directly used in its web Plane bending of components or the composition of the force component lattice. Of axial compression members or in the plane perpendicular to the web and curved elements are not suitable, which it has great limitations in the application scope.

2.H section steel profiles are efficient and economical (There are other cold-formed steel, steel plate, etc.), as sectional shape is reasonable, they give greater play to the performance of steel to improve the bearing capacity. H is different from the ordinary h-beam that flange was widened, and the inner and outer surface is usually parallel, this would facilitate the connection to other components with high strength bolts. Its size constitutes a reasonable range, complete model, easy to design and select. (In addition to shaped steel beam for crane)

3, The flange of H-beam are of equal thickness, rolling ross-section, but also have the welding section by the three plate. Rolled I-beam are all the hot roll cross section , due to poor production techniques, the slope of the inner flange is 1:10.The rolling of H beam steel is different from normal I beam in just one level roll, because of its wide flange and no inclination (or slope is very small), so require the creation of a vertical roll rolling the same time, The rolling mill process and equipment is more complex than the normal.The largest height of h steel rolling 800mm in domestic, if pass  the combined cross-section can only be welded.

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