technical parameter of steel structure
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Strength:steel structure and its connection to the net section of the stress on the steel should be less than the strength of corresponding design. Under static bending load or bending, bending structures, such as the structure to meet certain requirements can be considered when calculating cross-section strength of the development of plastic deformation.

Stability:Axial compression component, eccentric compression and bending members are likely to lose the overall stability,parts of these components (web and flange, etc.) may also be loss of local stability. Design should be checking the overall stability of these components and their components locally stability. When necessary, should also checking the overall stability of the whole structure.

Stiffness: And the composition of the overall steel structure component has a certain stiffness requirements. Should be designed to meet the stiffness requirements specification, such as deformation and slenderness ratio shall not exceed the maximum allowed.

Fatigue strength:For the role of direct withstand repeated dynamic loads (see load) of steel or steel components and their connections, the number of cycles when the stress frequently, fatigue calculation should be carried out so that the corresponding stress amplitude does not exceed the allowable stress amplitude.


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